2021 submissive SEEK Retreat Classes


Event Majordomo – Crafting the Magic Behind the Scenes

A discussion on slavegirl marion’s service to Master Malik as his Event Majordomo who helps make the Magic happen. Have you ever wondered what a Majordomo does? Also, what is the difference between a household Majordomo and an Event Majordomo? We will discuss these topics and also how slavegirl marion came to hold this position.

Healing an Angry Slave Heart

~class description coming soon ~

How to be Monogamous in a Non-Monogamous Power Exchange

~class description coming soon ~

Loving Your Stuff

Have leather or toys? Well they need some love and attention. Having the knowledge and the skills to take care of what you and your Big Letter may use in play or even everyday life can be of great service to both of you. Let’s talk about how to care for all of your leather items such as boots, floggers and even whips. We can also discuss some basic toy care as well, how to sanitize and make things last longer. Love yourself and love your stuff too. Please feel free to bring an item to work on or discuss if you’d like ~ we can get hands on

Loving Yourself

Let’s talk about how we learn to love ourselves! We all have things about us that are positive and each of us have different things. In order to be a good “little letter” we need to be able to love the things about us that make our Big Letter love us. Body Positivity and loving yourself can be an amazing journey. Let’s do this!