2019 submissive SEEK Retreat Presenters

Check back for other awesome presenters who will be announced as they are confirmed.


Lacey is a service submissive living in Northern Virginia.  She has been in a Master/slave relationship for over 11 years, started presenting in 2009 at a small lifestyle event in GA and went on to present at many events over the years such as The Red Chair, AL, Frolicon, GA, Shibaricon, IL and Submissive Journey Weekend, TN.  She looks forward to spending time with you, learning from your experiences and sharing the passion and joy she has found through her own.


Jody is a leatherdyke, an educator, an activist, an organizer, and an advocate, but first she is Liza’s slave.  She came into leather in 1980 in Los Angeles, and shortly thereafter founded Leather and Lace, a women’s BDSM support and social group.  Before that, she expressed her need for hierarchy in the U.S. Air Force (and, earlier, in Civil Air Patrol).

Jody has taught (both in the US and abroad), judged, keynoted, organized and competed (earning the titles of Northwest slave 2010 and International slave 2011).  Her Mistress, Liza, and she are the producers of the Master/slave Retreat and past producers of the Ms. San Francisco Leather contest.  She has served as the Contestant Coordinator for Women’s International Leather Legacy and is currently the Entertainment Production Coordinator for Leather Reign.

Jody is honored to have received numerous community awards, including the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance Woman of the Year 2010, but is most honored to have shared (with Liza) being MAST International’s Presenter of the Year for 2012.  She is also a proud member of Mama’s Family as Mama’s Space Cadet.

Jody has also been an LGBT and women’s rights activist for 40 years.  Among other things, she served on the Board of Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, helping to overturn the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, and on the Board of Marriage Equality USA.

Although serious about her service and devotion to her Mistress, Jody thinks it is important not to take ourselves too seriously!


Riches Jodi has been active in the alternative sexual expression lifestyle since 2004 and pledged to Sergeant Major since 2005.  With his guidance she has grown ever more knowledgeable about Leather, kink, D/s and M/s lifestyles and relationships and is now tasked with sharing her knowledge whenever and wherever possible, which she finds to be a labor of love. A regular attendee of Submissive Journey Weekend, she is now also the producer of the annual Submissive Enrichment Empowerment Knowledge-share (SEEK) Retreat in Minnesota.

With travel to events and participation in various clubs and organizations either as a leader or a member she is quite busy, but in her down time Riches also enjoys in no particular order:  gardening, biking, camping, kayaking, baking, enjoying all sorts of music, throwing puns around, watching movies, facing down fears of public speaking and being a warm lap for her cats.  Oh yeah, and being a target for impact and intense sensation whenever possible, consensually of course.