The themes of submissive SEEK Retreat

First year, 2014.  “Foundations”  

The inaugural retreat did not have a theme as much as it had intent, that being to come together to gain knowledge via classes and service skill shares and to lay a foundation for building a supportive network of submissives.  Besides leaving with a lot of great information in our heads and our binders, we took home necklaces with SEEK 2014 stamped on them and a bag of towels to practice our new towel folding skills from the  It’s the Folds that Matter service class. 


  • Know Thyself
  • Leather Care as Service
  • Alpha Bits
  • Submissive = Meek, Right?
  • Find your Match
  • Duking it Out – How to Fight with your Owner
  • Health Issues & Disabilities
  • Losing Control of your D/s Relationship

Second year, 2015. “Connections” 

This was the year we focused on connections on several levels.  We reflected on ourselves in the spirit of discovering . We considered our connections through relationships with our partners and those we serve.   We shared stories and experiences to foster friendships which go beyond just the weekend in the woods and last through time.   We jotted down information in our SEEK 2015 notebooks and took home totebags and buttons to remind us of the connections made.


  • Foundation Training
  • Spirituality and D/s
  • A Slave’s Guide to Screwing Up with Grace
  • Pragmatic and Powerful
  • Queen Takes Knight
  • Service with a Purpose
  • Poly Logic
  • Installing slave 2.0 – Patching and Upgrading Your Service
  • Mindfulness
  • Sensual Massage for Relaxation

Third year, 2016.  “Energy” 

Recognizing how much was packed into essentially a day and a half event we decided to add a day this year to make it Thursday evening through Sunday morning.  The change allowed for the addition of more service skill-share session offerings along with the classes.  The theme of Energy flowed throughout the weekend and was enhanced with the making of bracelets from a wide selection of mood beads each of which had a different meaning or purpose.


  • I’ve got the POWER
  • B.U.R.P.s (Big Ugly Relationship Problems)
  • Sprinkles!  Embracing your submission in a Vanilla Filled World
  • Losing It
  • Energy
  • Build It and They Will Come
  • Diamonds Are a sub’s Best Friend
  • Beating the Impostor
  • Human Furniture
  • Essential Oils
  • Formal Table Settings
  • Becoming and Iron Maiden
  • Foot Care

Fourth year, 2017.  “Harmony”.   

This year we explored different levels and definitions for the theme of harmony.   What does it mean to have harmony in the many different aspects of our lives –  home, family, work, relationships, communities, etc?  How do we fix things if we find something is out of tune?  A super fun part of the weekend was sharing videos and listening to songs that had meaning for us.  Thanks to one producer’s hard work we  have our very own SEEK Soundtrack!

We made lovely Harmony ball locket pendants and chose two inserts to take home:  a jingle ball to which serves as an auditory reminder to practice mindfulness and create harmony in our lives and a pom pom which could be infused with any number of essentials oils which we learned about in a workshop for aromatherapy.  


  • Harmony … the Journey
  • Honoring the Prime Directive
  • Hello, Can You Hear Me Now?
  • ADD Mind and Similar Thought Processes in Power Exchange
  • Action Makes It Happen
  • Who Hit the Pause Button?
  • How To Interpret Pain
  • Submissive Toy Bag
  • Poly Logic
  • After the Colon, Defining and Redefining Your Label Description
  • Braving the Path to Submission
  • Pet Me
  • It’s Monday, Now What?

Fifth year: 2018  “Vision”. 

This year saw us examining our Vision.  We looked back on the moments that got us to where we are, focused on mindfulness and intent, and gave thought to our futures and the things we do to make our visions into reality.  This year instead of needing to choose between sessions we offered only one at a time.  We enjoyed more free time to explore, relax, create art and just hang out with one another. 

During the weekend we made Vision boards.  We created kaleidoscopes and decorated our vision journals to personalize them.  We also made crystal pendants with special charms that we could wear or hang in a sunny window.   


  • Footprints:  A Real Look at your Moments
  • The Intellectuals Toolkit:  Books for your Journey
  • Intention Wristbands
  • Mindfulness and Intent
  • Essential Oils for focus
  • Bath Bombs
  • Serving 101/Dom Pampering
  • Serving In a Time of Crisis
  • Corrective Actions:  Relationship Challenges

Sixth year: 2019  “Superpowers!” 

This year focused on exploring our individual and collective superpowers, and the villains which may stand in the way of our employing them to enhance our lives and those for whom we care deeply.

During the weekend we made masks.  We also created shields or wall plaques, decorating them in our own way, some to represent our superpowers.   


  • Intro to submission
  • D/s Long Distance
  • s-type self-mastery
  • What does it mean to be a slave?
  • Negotiations, Petitions and Contracts, oh my!